A downloadable visual novel for Windows and macOS


This is Battle Cats Academy, a romance dating sim me and a friend had started in Nov 2017. We had worked hard, but motivation dwindled and we separated. I have since stopped working on it. Everything is drawn and written by me/my friend.
Based on the books of Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter!

"You are a new transfer student to Thunderclan Academy, a school in a rural village of semi-anthropomorphic cat people. Your classmates help you get adjusted in this new environment, and maybe even find someone you love!"


  • Personality traits changing via your choices
  • Choosable name, pronouns and slight appearance 
  • Optional, simple rpg battle system

Ko-fi: Every coffee bought guarantees I work 2 hours on development of Battle Cats Academy!


BattleCatsAcademy-1.0-mac.zip 96 MB
BattleCatsAcademy-1.0-pc.zip 113 MB

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